It's a recession.  If you like Island People Mas costumes you might want to check out their discounted registration which is available until September 15, 2011.

Click here to view Island People Mas costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012

  Per Island People Mas: You asked for a besss price on an amazing costume with all-inclusive vibes on the road! Here is your chance!  We are offering the following "Gifts" when you register before 15th September.   1. Couples Gift: Register for a Male and Female costume at the same time and receive $150 off each costume.   2. Pay in Full Gift: Pay for your costume in Full and receive $250 off a Backline/Male costume and $350 off a Frontline Costume.   3. Group Gift: Register 5 people or more and receive $100 off each costume. Register 10 people or more and receive $200 off each costume.   4. Switch Bands Gift: You already registered in another band and now want to switch to IPMas, bring your receipt from the other band and receive $200 off your costume.   NOTE: All prices are in TT  Only One Gift Per Person Gifts are deducted off of the balance of your costume. Click here for me information on the discount