J'ouvert Morning

Once upon a J'ouvert

Question to Trinidad Carnivals Fans:

Do you have that one moment from Carnival that you will never forget? That one moment, that was so sweet, every time you think back, a smile mischievously appears. And when you try not to smile (because you at work or pumping gas) thinking about that moment makes everything go silent, and it’s just you and that moment alone in the room. Yeahhhhh…. that moment.

Was it a sweet wine on the side from a stranger? Was it the love of your life (or 5 mins) just whisked by and brushed some glitter on your shoulder? Was it the best corn soup you tasted was from the nuts man? Or was it just the feeling of steel pan running through your veins? Well, one of my moments was from my first Carnival experience.

2:00am in the morning, my cousins shout “G, leh we go!”. 2:00am Carnival Monday Morning. 2:00am J’ouvert Morning. Sleepy eyed with my “young-boy self”,  I was going to play J’ouvert for the first time. Within 5 minutes we left home (Belmont). On foot, 6 of us walked towards town, and within less than another 5 minutes we ran into a small mud band. Well, it wasn’t really a band. Just a few people looking for their mud band and carrying their own brew of mud.

“Why allyuh so clean??!!” said the beautiful young woman with a cup of mud in her hand. I know what you thinking… It was 2:10am in the morning and I just woke up. Was she really beautiful? I know she was sexy because I could clearly see how the tight blue shorts gripped her hips and thighs, and how the white holey t-shirt laid snug across her chest and …..

Back to the story. Miss beauty decided to give me my first mud bath. But instead of pouring the mud on me, she poured it in her hand and then slowly rubbed the cold mud across, my chest, my back, my arms, my legs and my face. She traced every outline of my skin with her soft fingers and with more mud. J’ouvert, J’ouvert, J’ouvert. Well that was it. Nothing else. What else you expected? Steups!

So, thank you for listening to my true story. And thank you Trinidad Carnivals for making me part of the family!

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