YUMA Press Play: Angry Birds Frontline











So where am I going to play?

Well, I started the Trinidad Carnival band launch season following these bands: Tribe, Bliss, Island People Mas, YUMA and FantasyOasis was added to the list when I saw their presentation by accident and was pleasantly surprised.  Please note that I am not a “band-ist”.  I do not have a favourite band.  My favourite band is the one that I am playing in.

As of right now I still have not made a final decision on where I am playing but I have narrowed it down:

Tribe and Bliss: NO.

Looks like “friends and family” and “past masqueraders” will snatch up all the costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  Their websites are already showing costumes SOLD OUT  .I am no longer following these bands for Trinidad Carnival 2012 but I wish them the best.  To those of you who managed to register with Tribe/Bliss: have a fantastic time!

For more information: http://www.carnivaltribe.com/ and http://blisscarnival.com/



I had high hopes for this band.  But then I learned that there would be no online registration for us foreigners.  I am disappointed but I understand this decision given that it is their first year.  I will continue to keep an eye on Fantasy Carnival but given the fact that I live abroad it is unlikely that I will be able to play with them for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  I wish them the best of luck with their presentation of “Book of Angels”.  We’ll be waiting for the reviews.

For more information: http://www.mycarnivalfantasy.com/

 Fantasy costume pictures


Island People Mas: WAITING TO SEE

They were off to a rough start with their interesting presentation “Heroes” for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  They are working on revamping the costumes so that they are more palatable for their masqueraders.  I will wait till they show the new costumes on Monday 29 August before making a decision concerning Island People Mas.  If I am wowed then they could definitely be back in the running.

For more information: http://www.islandpeoplemas.com/



Their costumes are lovely and appeal to a broad audience.  The crew is certainly feeling YUMA in a big way.  And I appreciate the band has been clear about their registration process.  Yes, YUMA has “friends and family” pre-registration.  All bands have preregistration.  However, they are making sure that costumes will be available for both past masqueraders AND the general public.  I believe that this gives everyone a chance to enjoy the YUMA experience.  Now not everyone will be able to get a costume in YUMA but at least you have a chance.  I can tell you that if my crew and I decide to go with YUMA we will be ready to pounce AS SOON AS online registration opens.  Who say ‘Angry Birds’!

For more information: http://www.yumavibe.com/

YUMA costume pictures



I like Oasis.  I recently spoke with a member of their marketing staff and I have to say I am impressed.  Oasis really has a family feel to them.  I am quite fond of some of their costumes and I especially love their reasonable prices!  Nice costumes, premium drink sponsors, excellent customer service AND reasonable prices.  My impression is that they provide all the amenities of the bigger all inclusive bands with the safety and family feel of a smaller band.  This might just be the year I give Oasis a try…  Who say ‘Geisha’!

For more information: http://www.oasiscarnival.com/

Oasis costume pictures


Carry on Carnival People…