How to dance in the parade for Trinidad Carnival 2012 I have decided to write this post after getting many emails and calls from people wanting to play mas for Trinidad Carnival 2012. Individuals from as far away as Australia have been asking me for assistance with registering in a carnival band and they all seem to be surprised when I tell them that they can do it themselves. YES, you can do it yourself!   What you will need: -credit card -access to a computer with an internet connection -pajamas (optional) Step 0 = Put on a comfortable pair of pajamas (optional) Step 1 = Check out Carnival Costumes for Mas bands that offer online registration For example:  Step 2 = Chose a costume that you like (very important!)  Step 3 = Click on the button that says "Register"  Step 4  = Fill in the registration form and submit Done!  How easy was that! You should not pay unauthorized agents to register you for a costume to dance in the parade for Trinidad Carnival 2012. And remember, you can always call or message me if you need help or advice with your planning for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  I go every year and am happy to help in any way that I can. Please keep the questions coming.  You can email me or leave a comment and I will do my best to address it.