So you’ve decided to go to Trinidad for Carnival 2012.  Faaaaaaaaaaantastic!  Take it from me, you won’t be disappointed.  The first step is to start looking at flights and book when you see a fare that you can afford.  Depending on where you are flying from and how late you wait to book, fares can vary from US$500 and upwards.  One year I paid US$1400 for my flight and no it was not first class :S

Also remember that you’ll be flying to Trinidad during peak period so it is worthwhile to shop around for the best price.

As of today, direct flights (excluding London) from Feb 14/15 – Feb 22/23

Toronto – CA$773 with Caribbean Airlines

Miami – US$412 with Caribbean Airlines

New York – US$542 with Caribbean Airlines

Houston -US$802 with Continental

London – £728 with British Airways (1 connection)

All fares include taxes.