What you’ll need:

Boots/Sneakers – I had an old pair of boots in the closet.  I was probably going to throw them out so why not re-purpose it!

Elmers Glue All – I bought the 950ml bottle from Walmart online and had a lot leftover.  Cost was $9.  You can buy the smaller 150ml bottle for $2.  And also important, Walmart.ca delivers free to your door, no minimum charge.

Glitter – $4 from Walmart.ca Again this was delivered free to my front door.

Masking tape – rolls on sale at Dollarama for $1

Paint brushes – We had some lying in our craft cupboard but you can get them for about $2-4 at the Dollar Store

Newspapers – free

Plastic Container – free

Total cost: $18

3-Photo Jun 25, 9 44 11 PM

Now the good part:

1.  Clean boots/sneakers and let them dry

2. Use the masking tape to cover the zip or anywhere else you do not want to glitter e.g. soles, buckles.  I was in a rush so I skipped this step but it would have been a disaster had I glued over the zip  **omg**

3.  Fill your boots/sneakers with newspaper so that it will hold the shape

4.  Now you are going to want to mix the elmers glue and the glitter in the plastic container.  The ratio is about 1 part glitter to 2 parts glue.  If you add too much glitter it will be chunky and that’s not good.

5-Photo Jun 25, 9 46 15 PM

5.  When you have your mix ready, you will want to use the paintbrush to apply a thin layer or glue/glitter mix to your boots.  Don’t worry if the fabric of the boot/sneaker shows underneath as you will be applying more than one layer.  Also don’t worry if the paste looks white.  It will dry clear.

6-Photo Jun 25, 10 22 22 PM

1 Coat applied and now drying

6.  Leave your boot/sneaker to dry.  We put a fan to blow on it and it was dried by the next day. While waiting for the boots to dry I left the paint brushes in water so they would not stiffen up.

7.  Once the boots are completely dry, repeat steps 4-6.  I only applied 2 full coats and a third touch up to get the look I wanted.  My friend applied 3 coats and had complete coverage.

Boots with one coat

Boots with one coat

9-Photo Jun 27, 9 11 34 AM

Boots with two coats


The final product


-The glue will cause the boot to take the shape of the stuffing so think well when you are stuffing the footwear

-The more layers of glue you apply, the stiffer the boot will get

-Masking tape the bottom of the boot/sneaker

-This method is faster than using the spray glue but you do lose some of the shine on the glitter.  For those with more time you may want to consider the spray glue method or even using the elmers glue to paint on the boot and then sprinkling the glitter on it.

Now it’s your turn to share your tips and  photos of your blinged out boots!  Email your photos and tips to trinidadcarnivals@gmail.com