It’s flight check Monday again.  We’ll be following fares from Washington, DC starting today (Hi Miss Nik!).

As of today, direct flights unless otherwise noted (excluding London) from Feb 14/15 – Feb 22/23


Toronto – CA$973 with Caribbean Airlines (last week CA$943 )

**CA$696 with Continental (1 layovers)

Atlanta – US$703 with Continental Airlines (1 layover) (same as last week)


Washington, DC – US$668 with multiple airlines (1 layover)


Miami – US$432 with Caribbean Airlines (same as last week)


New York – US$602 with Caribbean Airlines (same as last week)

**US$598 with American Airlines (1 stop)

Houston – US$834 with Continental Airlines (same as last week)


London – £576 with multiple airlines (1 connection)

 All fares include taxes.

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