It’s flight watch Monday again. As of today, consider these flights from Feb 14/15 – Feb 22/23       Toronto – CA$903 with Caribbean Airlines (last week CA$904) **CA$856 with multiple airlines (1 layovers)   Atlanta – US$789 with multiple airlines (1/2 layovers) (last week US$791)   Washington, DC – US$687 with multiple airlines (1 layover) (same as last week)   Miami – US$432 with Caribbean Airlines (same as last week)   New York – US$642 with Caribbean Airlines ( same as last week)   Houston – US$842 with multiple Airlines (last week US$846)   London – £562 with multiple airlines (2 connections) (last week £717)  All fares include taxes. Has anyone booked their ticket yet and gotten a good fare?  Leave a comment and let me know!