A little while ago I happened across a post entitled "Men pay for costumes too!".  In it Akil laments the fact that male carnival costumes seem to be an after thought.  The ladies costumes are all elaborate and blingy while most male costumes are just glorified board shorts. I was motivated by this post to take a look at the male options for this Carnival that are NOT just board shorts and a breast plate. So, sit back and enjoy my favourite non board short male carnival costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012 (**wow, that was quite a mouthful**).  

ConviX from X2012

For more information: X mas band facebook page X2012 facebook group page

Dead Sea from K2K**

**These images which were photographed by Sancho Francisco were digitally edited by Jaime from Home Studio and she collaborated with K2K as Creative Director. For more information: http://k2k-carnival.com/ K2K Alliance and Partners facebook fanpage

YUMA Press Play: God of War male

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