It’s a recession.  No matter what they say on CNN, the recession is NOT over.  Our dollars need to stretch longer and farther.  Carnival spending is no different.  So if you are looking for a band and you cannot justify spending your money on the higher priced bands you may want to give Oasis a closer look.

The more I hear about Oasis Carnival the more I like them.  This is a smaller all inclusive band.  Their costumes are lovely and well priced.  Also, with sponsors like Nuvo, Hennessey and Johnny Walker, you know that you will be able to get your drink on come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Oasis provides online registration which is perfect for us foreigners.   And if your wallet is still not convinced, they offer discounts for group registration.

AND, if you register by December 31, 2011 you will qualify for free home delivery!  HOME DELIVERY FOR FREE I SAY!  I am having flash backs of waiting in the hot sun for over 2 hours to collect my Island People costume a few years ago…  2 hours in line and all they gave us was a green bmobile lollie!  Where were you in 2009 Oasis?

So here are my choices for favourite costumes on a budget

Oasis Nippon: Geisha Frontline


 Oasis Nippon: Geisha Frontline

Frontline: TT$4285 (USD$715)

Male: TT$2400 (USD$400)

Corset available: TT$500








Oasis Nippon: Geisha Backline


Oasis Nippon: Geisha Backline

Backline: TT$3200 (USD$534)

Backline with crown: TT$2895 (USD$483)

Male: TT$2400 (USD$400)







Oasis Nippon: Yen Frontline and Backline


Oasis Nippon: Yen Backline and Frontline

Backline: TT$3195 (USD$533)

Backline with wings: TT$500 extra (USD$84)

Frontline: TT$4495 (USD$750)

Male: TT$2495 (USD$400)






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