By Shello Price – $950. For what is considered an ultra-premium all-inclusive, you can’t really complain too much at the price. (4 out of 5) Music – There were live performances by Dil e Nadan, Famer Nappy and the Red Boys, Bunji/Fay-Ann with Asylum, and Blaxx/Ricardo Dru with Roy Cape All Stars. All the performances were great but I have to give special mention to the guest artistes. Allison Hinds (who is just too sexy…nuff said) and Olatunji (and his backup gymnasts, err…dancers,) both gave memorable performances.  (5 out of 5) Bar – The speciality bars carried everything from GlenFiddich 18-year, Chivas Regal 21-year and Johnnie Gold, to wines and champagnes (epic for the classy connoisseur drinkers). The general bars were loaded with all the rum, scotch, beers and chasers. A nice addition was the beer and water basins nearer to the stage areas so you could cool down while feting (5 out of 5) Food – This was the 1st time that I ever ate so much food at Fatima. (The evidence is on Instagram @shello2k). I was able to get the elusive roast (suckling) pig and it was besss. The ribs, kebabs, Cajun meat, stuff crab and dumplings, and dessert samples were all on point. But the best-tasting, though controversial, meat I had was geera horse. It was not my first time having it but I know my friends were like “Why do it?” But hey, there must be some kinda wild meat scene in the fete. (It’s better than eating frog legs to me). (5 out of 5) Amenities -  Well since the fete was within the school premises, the bathrooms were easily accessible. There was also a foot massage and shoe repair facility for those women who like jump up in high heels. (4 out of 5) Location – It is Fatima College fete. Self-explanatory. (5 out of 5) Experience – Fatima is the quintessential reunion fete of Family, Friends and past pupils. It very interesting to vibe with your past teachers (some still looking great since I was a student) and classmates from long time. (4 out of 5)   THE POST MORTEM: One of the premier prestige events for Carnival, Fatima has out done itself with the high level of food and drink options provided. The vibes were right on the money and that they kept the price the same for the second year in a row was a major plus. This was a great fete for meeting old friends, family, co-workers etc. With that, I will end by quoting Patrice Roberts: “We doing it ‘til we old and grey.” Overall (5 out of 5)