Fantasy Carnival: Principalities

Fantasy mas band must be doing something right because the rumor mill is going at full blast.  People are seriously concerned about pre-registration and what effect that will have on availability of costumes.  Well, the word is that costumes are selling out during the pre-registration phase.  But Fantasy has assured its adoring public that ALL CHOIRS will be available for in-house registration. So what does this mean for you: -if you are a foreigner and have no one in Trinidad to register you well then you are still out of luck.  No in house registration. -if you are local or have someone there who can register you then don't despair.  You still have a chance to get your dream costume.  However, be ready to move fast when the time comes for in house registration to begin.  And good luck!  You might even want to hope for good weather or invest in some weatherproof clothing and a tent because I forsee people lining up from early o'clock on registration day. Here it is from Fantasy