Registration for Fantasy Carnival's Trinidad 2012 presentation of "Book Of Angels" will "commence during the week beginning Monday 22 August."  I took that wording directly from  Now I am not sure if this means they are starting registration on Monday 22 August or at some point during that week...  I have reached out for clarification but no word as yet. As I mentioned  previously, there will be NO ONLINE REGISTRATION for Fantasy Carnival costumes.  This has been confirmed on both the facebook page and official website. They are still playing coy with their registration info but this is what I could find so far.  I'll update you all when more information becomes available. Registration information for Fantasy Carnival 2012 "Book of Angels" How: In house only.  NO ONLINE REGISTRATION Where: ??? When: the week of Monday 22 August Method of Payment: Cash and Linx only Down payment: Frontlines TT$3000 Backlines and Males TT$1500   For more information:!/FantasyCarnival