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Trple Fdesigns IS NOT an authorised per-registration agent for Fantasy Carnival.

I got an excited email this morning from a young lady who is anxious to register with Fantasy mas band for Trinidad Carnival 2012.  She lives abroad and was so excited to see on another blog that that Trple Fdesgins was offering per-registration.  (Big up TCD).  She wanted to know if I knew anything about it before she made arrangements for her and her crew with Trple Fdesigns for Fantasy costumes.

Well, I have never heard of Trple Fdesigns so I reached out to Fantasy Carnival for clarification.  Here is their response:

“TripleFDesigns is NOT authorized by Fantasy Carnival to register persons. Masqueraders use this and other third-party entities at their own risk.

Here my 2 cents on giving unknown agents money for registration:

A few years ago Tribe presented “Secrets of Silk” for Trinidad Carnival.  I went up to Cascadia to pick up my costume and brought up some of the Bajan posse to pick up theirs.  They had registered through some “friend of a friend who knew someone”.  So they sent their hard earned money to some person they had never met who assured them that they would be registered in Tribe that year.  I had told them not to go that route but we are all grown ups and get to make our own decisions.

Now anyone who has played in Tribe can attest that their costumer service is fantastic.  I was in and out, costume in hand in less than half an hour.  But I ended up staying at Cascadia for the next 4 hours.  Why?  The Bajan crew WAS NOT on the list.  Tribe had no record of any registration or payments made on their behalf.  The Bajan crew lost the money they sent to the “friend of a friend who knew someone” and then had to go buy a costume from Island People.

So please, think carefully when you are using unauthorized third parties to register you for Trinidad Carnival.  It might be legit but you could also be taking a big risk with your hard earned money.

Trple Fdesigns IS NOT authorised pre-registration agent for Fantasy Carnival