Fantasy Carnival Registration NOT starting week of 22 August 2011

                        I woke up this morning to find that Fantasy updated their registration details.  There are going to be some seriously disappointed people out there today after reading the update.  Here is the key point: -Registration for the general public has been delayed until further notice.  I repeat,  open registration for the normal people without contacts WILL NOT start during the week of August 22, 2011.  If you have an inside link then carry on! UPDATED Registration information for Fantasy Carnival 2012 “Book of Angels” How: In house only.  NO ONLINE REGISTRATION Where: ??? When: delayed until further notice for the general public Method of Payment: Cash and Linx only Down payment: Frontlines TT$3000 Backlines and Males TT$1500 For more details:

 How does that make you feel?