Explosion!Carnival's Hekate is definitely on the list of my favourite carnival costumes for Trinidad Carnival 2012. I managed to get a hold of the high resolution pictures for this costume and I spent the better part of the evening taking in all things Hekate.  Let me just say that I love the jewel and bead work on the bra and neck piece.  Also the different shades of purple and textures of feather had me awestruck! I could really see myself wearing Hekate frontline come Carnival Tuesday.  Also it helps that Explosion!Carnival will be having ONLINE REGISTRATION for us foreigners... decisions decisions...   Click on the images below to view larger pictures. View full album of Explosion Carnival professional photos here: Trinidad Carnivals Explosion album                                                           For more information: http://explosioncarnival.com/ http://www.facebook.com/Explosion.Carnival