Costume? Check!

Flight?  Check!

Condom case? Yes please!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about condom cases to match your carnival costume.  Since then, we received some really positive feedback about the Just In Case condom compacts.

So with World AIDS Day approaching, we are happy to announce that we have negotiated a 20% discount for our readers who wish to buy a condom compact directly from

All you have to do is enter “SAFECARNIVAL” during checkout.

Discount code: SAFECARNIVAL
Discount amount: 20%
Buy online:

International shipping available


And remember what Justine Case says… Love Well. Love Wisely.


If you need some help chosing a compact to match your costume you can check our album: Condom cases to match with your costume.







Also, check this video so you can see the Just In Case condom compacts in action.


For more information:


For additional information about safer sex:

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