Do you want to pay less for your flight to Trinidad for Carnival 2012?

Who doesn’t!  After all, it’s a recession.

Oasis mas band can help you with that.  A few weeks ago they announced that they had made a deal with Continental Airlines to offer a discount on flights to their registered masqueraders.

Here are the details.  If they seem confusing don’t worry.  Just go to your travel agent and they can figure it out.  And remember: you must be a registered masquerader with Oasis Carnival to receive the discount code.

* Different seats have different discounts.
* Round Trip Only
*You MUST register with Oasis Carnival to obtain a code.
*Upon registration and payment received we will email you your code.
*A specific code is given to each masquerader.

The Discount Applies to the following seats.
F,C,J,D,Y has a 10% discount
F,C,J,D (Asia Saturday) O2%
B Internationa 10%
B (Domestic) US50 & Canada 5%
M,H,K,A 5%
Z,A,U,V,G,W,E,S,T,N,L 2%


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