The last day to receive a discount on your Island People Mas costume for Trinidad Carnival 2012 is 15 Sept 2011.  Remember people, its a recession!
1. Couples Gift: Register for a Male and Female costume at the same time and receive $150 off each costume.   2. Pay in Full Gift: Pay for your costume in Full and receive $250 off a Backline/Male costume and $350 off a Frontline Costume.   3. Group Gift: Register 5 people or more and receive $100 off each costume. Register 10 people or more and receive $200 off each costume.   4. Switch Bands Gift: You already registered in another band and now want to switch to IPMas, bring your receipt from the other band and receive $200 off your costume.
  For more details on the discount: Island People Mas facebook note Island People Mas website Anyone registered to play with Island People Mas for Trinidad Carnival 2012?  How was the registration process?