Trinidad Carnival Band

Charm Carnival still has costumes available

For those still looking for a costume, Charm Carnival mas band still has spots available. For more information:

Bliss presents Blue for Trinidad Carnival 2015

Bliss Mas Band theme for Trinidad Carnival 2015 is “Blue”.  Just like last year, Bliss and Tribe will both be launching on Saturday 19th July.  I hope it’s streamed live online for those of us abroad For more information:

Tribe presents Wings of Desire for Trinidad Carnival 2014

After months of waiting, Tribe has released their theme “Wings of Desire” for Trinidad Carnival 2015.   The band launch is set for Saturday 19th July and my crystal ball tells me to expects lots of wings lol. For more information:  

Yuma theme for Trinidad Carnival 2015- Reign

Trinidad Carnival massive, Yuma wants to know: What if, for two days, Kingdoms, Dynasties and Empires could be under your REIGN…? For more information:  

Photos from Carnival Tuesday

What were you doing last Tuesday?  While you think about that, enjoy these great photos from ADR Productions Click to view full album  

Tribe Ten Carnival Review

While I am still on bed-rest, recovering from the sinus cold I contracted over Carnival, I am now in a coherent position to dispel the mystery and suspense with which I left many regarding my statuses about playing mas with Tribe. Do not get me wrong; I did have fun this Carnival and that was(…)

Watch Carnival Tuesday live stream from Ariapita Avenue

They playing music videos but the right window is showing live feed from the Synergy Stage on Ariapita Avenue.  Hoping when the action picks up they will just have the stage cam showing. Enjoy! Click to view stream:

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