Trinidad Carnival 2014

Glitter your Carnival Boots- cheap and easy

Glitter your Carnival Boots- cheap and easy

What you’ll need:

Boots/Sneakers – I had an old pair of boots in the closet.  I was probably going to throw them out so why not re-purpose it!

Elmers Glue All – I bought the 950ml bottle from Walmart online and had a lot leftover.  Cost was $9.  You can buy the smaller 150ml bottle for $2.  And also important, delivers free to your door, no minimum charge.

Glitter – $4 from Again this was delivered free to my front door.

Masking tape – rolls on sale at Dollarama for $1

Paint brushes - We had some lying in our craft cupboard but you can get them for about $2-4 at the Dollar Store

Newspapers – free

Plastic Container - free

Total cost: $18

3-Photo Jun 25, 9 44 11 PM

Now the good part:

1.  Clean boots/sneakers and let them dry

2. Use the masking tape to cover the zip or anywhere else you do not want to glitter e.g. soles, buckles.  I was in a rush so I skipped this step but it would have been a disaster had I glued over the zip  **omg**

3.  Fill your boots/sneakers with newspaper so that it will hold the shape

4.  Now you are going to want to mix the elmers glue and the glitter in the plastic container.  The ratio is about 1 part glitter to 2 parts glue.  If you add too much glitter it will be chunky and that's not good.

5-Photo Jun 25, 9 46 15 PM

5.  When you have your mix ready, you will want to use the paintbrush to apply a thin layer or glue/glitter mix to your boots.  Don't worry if the fabric of the boot/sneaker shows underneath as you will be applying more than one layer.  Also don't worry if the paste looks white.  It will dry clear.

6-Photo Jun 25, 10 22 22 PM

1 Coat applied and now drying

6.  Leave your boot/sneaker to dry.  We put a fan to blow on it and it was dried by the next day. While waiting for the boots to dry I left the paint brushes in water so they would not stiffen up.

7.  Once the boots are completely dry, repeat steps 4-6.  I only applied 2 full coats and a third touch up to get the look I wanted.  My friend applied 3 coats and had complete coverage.

Boots with one coat

Boots with one coat

9-Photo Jun 27, 9 11 34 AM

Boots with two coats


The final product


-The glue will cause the boot to take the shape of the stuffing so think well when you are stuffing the footwear

-The more layers of glue you apply, the stiffer the boot will get

-Masking tape the bottom of the boot/sneaker

-This method is faster than using the spray glue but you do lose some of the shine on the glitter.  For those with more time you may want to consider the spray glue method or even using the elmers glue to paint on the boot and then sprinkling the glitter on it.

Now it's your turn to share your tips and  photos of your blinged out boots!  Email your photos and tips to 

Designing Daryl: Setting Records for Toronto Carnival

Designing Daryl: Setting Records for Toronto Carnival
Once again designingDARYL has wowed us with brilliant show stopping costumes that seem to make fans of his work become even more committed to his signature style. Rhinestones galore, nakedness, feathers all seem to be in abundance in every one of his Goddess of the Road pieces. Trinidad Carnivals caught up with him backstage amid tons of ostrich plumes, large pheasant feathers some of the longest I have ever seen and so many glittering rhinestones that we seriously had to adjust the flash on our camera to capture the excellent craftsmanship. DSC_3565 This year, designingDARYL was responsible for creating two sections for section leaders Kolin “SocaVibez” Alexander and Aaron Saldenah. The two sections were called “Solstice” and “Ancient Goddess” and they graced the stage in second and seventh position respectively. Check out our videos and pics for more details. We will give you a moment to recover... Backstage, Daryl was busy and with one look, he gave us a smile and mentioned “Are you ready for me to make you vomit?” – the phrase caught me by surprise because I really didn’t know what It meant but overall, I guess it was a good thing (or at least one would hope) .. “This is the Goddess of the Road,” he said. A Goddess of the Road? Who wouldn’t want to be “one”? DesigningDARYL took some time amid finishing his creations to explain that “Goddess of the Road” or #GOTR was not his phrase “per se” but was borrowed (with permission) from Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary and used ONLY on his designs in particular sections that he worked with. DSC_3684 DSC_3694 DSC_3699 DSC_3715 DSC_3723 DSC_3946 DSC_3952 DSC_3959 DSC_3975-2 DSC_3993 DSC_3995 He went on to explain that in this business, where most people do not credit their source of inspiration for almost anything and just blatantly copy, he wanted to be sure that credit was placed where it is due. We at Trinidad Carnivals can certainly identify because we constantly struggle with the photo watermarking issue. He went on to add that the term “Ultra Frontline,” which basically germinated through his collaboration with Saldenah Mas Camp and Curtis Eustace in the “Portraits” presentation almost 5 years ago is now over-used and in some cases “ill-used”. To quote him directly, “They can have Ultra Frontline – the term began and has ended with me, I now focus primarily on the Goddesses among us.” The Goddess costumes for both Aaron Saldenah and Socavibez were not seen at the photo shoot and the only time that folks saw the costumes was at the launch. A true treat for those in attendance. I can tell you that all the rave was about the signature pieces from designingDARYL and we were extremely pleased that he was able to keep the standard high this year. When asked what else we can look forward to from Daryl in Toronto, he mentioned that his focus has shifted to the Cayman Islands where he just executed a launch for Swanky International, swelling their mas playing population by over 125%. To put things in numbers, the band has registered over 600 people and usually bands in Cayman Islands peak at about 200 at most. He did however hint that if we ever go to Cuba, we must try the Cohiba – but encouraged that smoking is not really good for the lungs. As expected, we did not have much time with designingDARYL backstage because Trinidad Carnivals does cover every section and we try to do so equally but we were pleased to have had the chance to briefly speak with him and we appreciate that! Look out for designingDARYL at a carnival near you. Like us here at TrinidadCarnivals, we are sure you would have no problem spotting his signature style. His work will be featured in Swanky International (Cayman Islands), Ramajay Mas (New York), Sesame Flyers (New York), Soca Mas (Boston), One Island (Miami) and these were just the ones we could confirm. Stay tuned or as Daryl would say “Stay Beautiful”.

Goddess of the Road sold at 1,025CAD .. a new record set in Toronto Carnival by designing daryl

Mardi Gras TT Carnival Review

Mardi Gras TT Carnival Review
Thanks to reader "K" for submitting this review.  If you would like to share your carnival reviews or experiences with us then email them to trinidad-carnival-2014-mardi-gras-reviewFirst, I didn't play mas this year. I was signed up but I got a new job and ended up having to stay in the states leaving my friend and her boyfriend to play mas with Mardi Gras TT. I'm writing this after what she told me was her experience. She is too dignified and nice of a person to publicly shame them, but after hearing her experience, I felt it should be told. We booked our costumes with MTT via FB and received a confirmation #. Over a month before heading to Trinidad. My friend had someone pick up her costume for her so that she could have it once she arrived back in the states. She got to Trinidad and her costume was a size 1X. (She wears a size small/medium). She never received a wristband and on Carnival Tuesday, the band's security tried to put her out of the band because she had no wristband. She wasn't able to eat any of the meals either. Keep in mind that she approached the band organizer AT the parade line-up in regards to the wristband and a replacement costume, to which the organizer replied, "oh sh-t" and walked away... And never returned to assist my friend. Now that my friend is back in the states she has reached out to the organizer of Mardi Gras TT several times (& she didn't respond majority of the times.) She finally got back to my friend and my friend asked for at least a partial refund due to her wrong costume and inability to take part in the band's amenities due to a lack of the wrist band. I have seen the  text correspondence first hand between my friend and the organizer and I'm appalled. She has been deflecting blame on her own masqueraders and blaming them for taking other people's costumes. I understand that this is their first year with a band, however customer service is key. What I thought was a great person to work with, turned out to be a nightmare and their band completely ruined my friend's experience. We will be going with a more established band next year and hoping for a much better outcome.

DJ Private Ryan Post Carnival Relief Mix

DJ Private Ryan Post Carnival Relief Mix
The wait is over!  DJ Private Ryan has released the one and only cure for Post Carnival Depression. To download:


Features Kerwin Dubois, Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Farmer Nappy, Lyrikal and more.

1. Haunted - Machel Montano 2. Press a Button - Kerwin Dubois 3. Doh Tell Me Dat - Flipo 4.Lockdown - Kerwin Dubois & Lyrikal 5.Junction - Machel Montano 6. Monster Winer - Kerwin Dubois & Lil Rick 7. Too Real - Kerwin Dubois 8. Shameless - Machel Montano 9. Drop it down Marfan Remix - Machel Montano 10. Doh Rough Me Marfan Remix- Patrice Roberts 11. Family Marfan Remix - Farmer nappy 12. Big people party - Farmer Nappy 13. Shake dat - Jo Jo 14. EPIC - Machel Montano 15. Its A Carnival - Bunji Garlin 16. Welcome to the carnival - Kerwin Dubois & MX Prime 17. To Me Heart - Razor Sharp Remix - 5 Star Akil 18. Come out to play - Benjai 19. Jab Jab - Talpree 20. Ritual - Machel Montano 21. Mama - Iwer George 22. Done the party - Fay Ann 23. General - Skinny Fabulous 24. Rolly Polly - Mr Killa 25. Roll it - Mikey & Blood 26.Mash Up (Razorsharp Remix) - Destra 27.Power - Machel Montano 28. Ministry of Road (Precision Road Mix) - Machel Montano 29. Sound Bang - Machel Montano 30. Nwa Baby (Baby Sawa Lele) - Flava 31. Wining Good - Olatunji 32. Forget About it - Kerwin Dubois 33. Doh Beg - Kerwin Dubois 34. Red light District SMJ Remix - Bunji Garlin 35.All O Dem - Bunji Garlin 36. Chuku Chuku - Denise Belfon 37. Never See Come See - Kes 38. BTW - Skinny Fabulous 39. BTW (Scratch Master Remix) - Skinny Fabulous 40. Happiest Man Alive (Private Ryan Synth Intro) 41 Happiest man Alive (kubiyashi Refix) - Machel Montano 42. Truck on the road (Road Mix) - Bunji Garlin 43. Truck on the road - Bunji Garlin 44. Drink Till A Mornin - Lead Pipe 45.Party Never Done SMJ Refix - 5 Star Akil & Nadia Batson 46.Spoil Meh Self - Kerwin Dubois 47.State of Mind - Destra 48. True masquerader - Kes 49. She Comin - Machel Montano 50.Blazin Marfan Refix - Chucky 51.My Team - Jaiga 52. Breakaway Remix - Ravi B & Machel Montano feat Mahalakshmi Iyer 53. Bread - Ravi B 54. Man in the house - Cassi 55.Conquer Meh - Lyrikal 56. Just A Lil Bit - Destra 57. Bum Bum Remix - Timaya & Machel Montano 58. Feel to Wuk RoadMix - S. Marshall 59. Effortless - Preedy 60. Bad Habits - kes 61. Catch Me if you can - Fay Ann Lyons