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We need to save Toronto Carnival for our Kids

My wish for her is that when she gets older she can play mas for Toronto Carnival and not worry about being harassed by stormers who feel it is their right to accost and manhandle masqueraders.

By about 1pm while waiting to cross stage #2, I started to get a headache. So I took off my headpiece and was looking for somewhere to put it down.

Over to my left, on the other side of the fence was this pretty little girl watching the mas go by. She was absorbing it all with such a quiet intensity that I had to wave a few times to get her attention.And then I asked, “Would you like my headpiece?”. Her eyes just lit right up and with Mom’s permission and @SoulRebelTo’s throwing arm we were able to get the headpiece over the barrier and into the hands of this very special#futuremasquerader.

I look forward to a future where I am sitting in the bleachers and watching you cross the stage!


Guardian Angels Rule the Road for Toronto Carnival 2014

400 plus strong, Guardian Angels owned the road!  The section which was designed by Candice Narinesingh was the first to sell out at Tribal Carnival (formerly Tribal Knights) and it was also the section to lead the band at both stages for Toronto Carnival.  And I know why.  Guardian Angels masqueraders came out to play play play play…

I had pegged Guardian Angels as one of my favourite costumes for Caribana 2014.  With it’s orange and pink feathers and the heavily decorated bra and belt I knew it was going to be a winner with masqueraders.  So I can tell you that I was thrilled to play with them!

Costume pick up was smooth.  Candice’s husband, Rich, took care of us and we had no issues whatsoever with costume collection.  There was a line when we arrived on the designated date but it moved at an acceptable pace.  While in line, a fella dropped one of the jeweled belts on the floor and to my surprise not one bead fell off!  That is workmanship!

Our friends from the costume collection line.  Hi ladies!

Our friends from the costume collection line. Hi ladies!

And then it was just to prepare for the road on Saturday.  I was very lucky to have 2 special little girls help me get ready for the parade.  They came over on Friday.  Each glittered one sneaker and applied nail polish for me.  Asta did my left hand and right sneaker and Shreya did my right hand and left sneaker.  Thank you ladies, you were amazing!

We arrived at the CNE grounds just before 8am and met up with the incredible Nikki D who did my makeup.  As always, she made me look my best and the makeup stayed on ALL DAY.  If you have not had your Carnival makeup done by Nikki D as yet you are missing out.  I have already booked my spot for Toronto Carnival 2015!


All credit to MUA- Nikki D!

After taking some photos of masqueraders in the holding area, we finally saw some Guardian Angels coming in through the entrance gate.  I’m guess no one was in a rush as Tribal Carnival was set to hit the stage at position #5.

Our First Guardian Angel sighting!

Our First Guardian Angel sighting!

A little while later, we left the meeting point and chipped up the road through Band #1, Toronto Revellers and the Scotiabank T-shirt band so that we could be photos at Stage #1.  On our way, we bounced up with Mitzie Hunter the Liberal Member of Provincial Parliament for Scarborough- Guildwood and Associate Minister of Finance.  Also on the road with Tribal Carnival was Mayoral Candidate Olivia Chow.  And for those of you who do not know she has been playing mas for years!  Who knew…


Take care of me pension please :D


She used to be my MPP!

After wining down and enjoying presentations from Toronto Revellers, Carnival Nationz, Saldenah, Fantazia and 2 steel pan bands, it was our turn to hit the stage.  I nearly missed it as there was a line for the ladies washroom but after mad dash I met up with my section and it was time!

And then it was LEVEL VIBES! Guardian Angels completely owned the road!   The award for MOST VIBES goes to my Bajan liming partner.  Dat gyul did not stop.  Ah love it!

She's behaving the worst!

She’s behaving the worst!

The rest is just a blur of wining and jamming, chipping and waving.






We stayed with the band till just after 2pm when we noticed stormers were infiltrating the parade.  I am a woman who likes to be safe so we said our good byes and left.

@SoulRebelTO and I want to say a special thanks to Candice and Rich and the whole Tribal Carnival family for showing us so much love on the road!  Can’t wait to do it all over again next year…

We have created an album for the Guardian Angels section.  You can view it here:





To see photos from the entire Parade click here:

Its not too late to play mas for Toronto Carnival

We are just 19 days away from chipping down Lakeshore Blvd to the sounds of sweet sweet soca.  It’s not too late to get in yuh section.

Thus far, Saldenah is the only band to be completely sold out.  But don’t worry there are many bands with sections that are still available.

So find your costume and register now!


Bands still open for registration:

Tribal Carnival – Secret of the Wingz















Fantazia International – Unleash Your Fantasy












Connections Mastumes – Forces of Nature














Carnival Nationz – Havana













Toronto Revellers – Road Warriors


Carnival Revolutions – Visions in the Night


Concept Costume Creators – Precious Jewels


D’Regulars – Carnival Dreams

Sneak Peak from Harts for Trinidad Carnival 2015

Here is a sneak peak from Harts Mas Band’s upcoming presentation “Dominion of the Sun” for Trinidad Carnival 2015.



Hart’s band launch is scheduled for Friday 27th June, 2014 at O2 Park in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.  I’m not sure if it will be streaming live online but we will keep posted if we hear anything.




As with past launches, I will be stuck here in Toronto.  So, if there are any budding photographers going to the launch who would like to share their photos with us then please go ahead and send an email

Designing Daryl: Setting Records for Toronto Carnival

Once again designingDARYL has wowed us with brilliant show stopping costumes that seem to make fans of his work become even more committed to his signature style. Rhinestones galore, nakedness, feathers all seem to be in abundance in every one of his Goddess of the Road pieces.

Trinidad Carnivals caught up with him backstage amid tons of ostrich plumes, large pheasant feathers some of the longest I have ever seen and so many glittering rhinestones that we seriously had to adjust the flash on our camera to capture the excellent craftsmanship.

This year, designingDARYL was responsible for creating two sections for section leaders Kolin “SocaVibez” Alexander and Aaron Saldenah. The two sections were called “Solstice” and “Ancient Goddess” and they graced the stage in second and seventh position respectively. Check out our videos and pics for more details.

We will give you a moment to recover…

Backstage, Daryl was busy and with one look, he gave us a smile and mentioned “Are you ready for me to make you vomit?” – the phrase caught me by surprise because I really didn’t know what It meant but overall, I guess it was a good thing (or at least one would hope) .. “This is the Goddess of the Road,” he said. A Goddess of the Road? Who wouldn’t want to be “one”?

DesigningDARYL took some time amid finishing his creations to explain that “Goddess of the Road” or #GOTR was not his phrase “per se” but was borrowed (with permission) from Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary and used ONLY on his designs in particular sections that he worked with.











He went on to explain that in this business, where most people do not credit their source of inspiration for almost anything and just blatantly copy, he wanted to be sure that credit was placed where it is due. We at Trinidad Carnivals can certainly identify because we constantly struggle with the photo watermarking issue.

He went on to add that the term “Ultra Frontline,” which basically germinated through his collaboration with Saldenah Mas Camp and Curtis Eustace in the “Portraits” presentation almost 5 years ago is now over-used and in some cases “ill-used”. To quote him directly, “They can have Ultra Frontline – the term began and has ended with me, I now focus primarily on the Goddesses among us.”

The Goddess costumes for both Aaron Saldenah and Socavibez were not seen at the photo shoot and the only time that folks saw the costumes was at the launch. A true treat for those in attendance. I can tell you that all the rave was about the signature pieces from designingDARYL and we were extremely pleased that he was able to keep the standard high this year.

When asked what else we can look forward to from Daryl in Toronto, he mentioned that his focus has shifted to the Cayman Islands where he just executed a launch for Swanky International, swelling their mas playing population by over 125%. To put things in numbers, the band has registered over 600 people and usually bands in Cayman Islands peak at about 200 at most. He did however hint that if we ever go to Cuba, we must try the Cohiba – but encouraged that smoking is not really good for the lungs.

As expected, we did not have much time with designingDARYL backstage because Trinidad Carnivals does cover every section and we try to do so equally but we were pleased to have had the chance to briefly speak with him and we appreciate that!

Look out for designingDARYL at a carnival near you. Like us here at TrinidadCarnivals, we are sure you would have no problem spotting his signature style. His work will be featured in Swanky International (Cayman Islands), Ramajay Mas (New York), Sesame Flyers (New York), Soca Mas (Boston), One Island (Miami) and these were just the ones we could confirm. Stay tuned or as Daryl would say “Stay Beautiful”.


Goddess of the Road sold at 1,025CAD .. a new record set in Toronto Carnival by designing daryl

Teaser from Tribal Carnival for Toronto Carnival

Here is a sneak peek from Tribal Carnival’s presentation “Secret of the Wingz” for Toronto Carnival 2014.  I was hoping to get a tease of some fabtastic wings but guess we will have to wait for the big reveal tomorrow.

We will be inside at Tribal Carnival band launch tomorrow so come and say Hi!

Keep checking and for live updates.


Time:  8pm – 3am
Venue: Armenian Community Centre
45 Hallcrown Place

For more information: