Carnival Costume Photos

Charm Carnival still has costumes available

For those still looking for a costume, Charm Carnival mas band still has spots available. For more information:

Send us your Caribana photos

It’s fan photo time!  Email us your best pics from Toronto Carnival and we will post them to our album on facebook!  You can msg them to us on facebook or email to #Showmeyourworstbehaviour #carnivalbaby #bornwith it! You can see the full album here: Enjoy these fan photos! Post by Trinidad Carnivals.

We need to save Toronto Carnival for our Kids

My wish for her is that when she gets older she can play mas for Toronto Carnival and not worry about being harassed by stormers who feel it is their right to accost and manhandle masqueraders. By about 1pm while waiting to cross stage #2, I started to get a headache. So I took off my headpiece(…)

Guardian Angels Rule the Road for Toronto Carnival 2014

400 plus strong, Guardian Angels owned the road!  The section which was designed by Candice Narinesingh was the first to sell out at Tribal Carnival (formerly Tribal Knights) and it was also the section to lead the band at both stages for Toronto Carnival.  And I know why.  Guardian Angels masqueraders came out to play(…)

Photos from Toronto Carnival 2014 – Part 1

Click here to view full album:       You can also order high quality photos without the watermark at: Special thanks to Michael from The Black Lens for these amazing photos from Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2014.   You can reach him at

Its not too late to play mas for Toronto Carnival

We are just 19 days away from chipping down Lakeshore Blvd to the sounds of sweet sweet soca.  It’s not too late to get in yuh section. Thus far, Saldenah is the only band to be completely sold out.  But don’t worry there are many bands with sections that are still available. So find your(…)

Sneak Peak from Harts for Trinidad Carnival 2015

Here is a sneak peak from Harts Mas Band’s upcoming presentation “Dominion of the Sun” for Trinidad Carnival 2015.   Hart’s band launch is scheduled for Friday 27th June, 2014 at O2 Park in Chaguaramas, Trinidad.  I’m not sure if it will be streaming live online but we will keep posted if we hear anything.  (…)

Designing Daryl: Setting Records for Toronto Carnival

Once again designingDARYL has wowed us with brilliant show stopping costumes that seem to make fans of his work become even more committed to his signature style. Rhinestones galore, nakedness, feathers all seem to be in abundance in every one of his Goddess of the Road pieces. Trinidad Carnivals caught up with him backstage amid(…)

Teaser from Tribal Carnival for Toronto Carnival

Here is a sneak peek from Tribal Carnival’s presentation “Secret of the Wingz” for Toronto Carnival 2014.  I was hoping to get a tease of some fabtastic wings but guess we will have to wait for the big reveal tomorrow. We will be inside at Tribal Carnival band launch tomorrow so come and say Hi!(…)

Teaser from Saldenah Mas Band for Toronto Carnival

This teaser, from 2013 Band of the Year title holder Saldenah Mas Band, comes to us courtesy of the uber-talented Melinda Rickson and Savage Arts International . For more information:  

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