Safe sex blah blah blah... I'm not going to give you the lecture.  You have heard it a million times: alcohol, lowered inhibitions, unprotected sex, STI's, unplanned pregnancy, neurosyphilis, warts, HIV, NO GOOD! OK, so you are smart and you carry condoms with you at all times, because well, you never know.  But you also want to carry your condoms with style. We got you covered! Check out the Just in Case compact. It looks like a makeup compact and will fit any 2x2 wrapped condom.  Most come with a mirror in case you want to touch up your makeup and a hidden compartment for your condom in case you want to mess up your makeup, lol. This is a fantastic product that allows individuals to take ownership of their own reproductive health.  Let me explain. Have you ever been in a situation where you need a condom.  But then you realise that you did not walk with any condoms.  Damn!  But your sex partner says "Don't worry baby, I got this."  And he/she promptly reach into his/her wallet and pulls out a condom. At which point you say, "Oh HELL NO!" because you know that condoms should NOT be kept in wallets. You say, "Am, no I don't think so." Because you know that condoms need to be stored in a cool dry place and you have no idea if your sex partner left his/her wallet in the hot car all day last Saturday. The outcome: NO SEX.  Everyone is sad. Well, what if we could change that story.  What if you actually had a condom hidden in your Just in Case compact...  You know that you stored your condom in a cool dry place.  You also know that it is ribbed for your pleasure...  Game on baby! So, don't leave home for Carnival without your condom.  And if you want to carry it stylishly, check out Just in Case compact.  You can even coordinate it with your carnival costume.  Please note that condoms are sold separately. Click on image to enlarge                                       For more information: Also available at   For additional information about safer sex: Condoms, Sexually transmitted infections, Safer Sex and You