Carnival Nationz has finally worked out their kinks with the website and the online registration system for their presentation "Empires" is now live.  If you'd prefer to register in person and you are a previous masquerader you can head down to Sound Academy later today and sign up for your costume in person. I wonder which section will sell out first... Per Carnival Nationz:
First off we'd like start by acknowledging that here have been a few hicups over the past couple of days. We at Carnival Nationz always try our best to provide you with the Ultimate Toronto Carnival Experience and in order for us to do that, we need to ensure that if we see something that could cause a potential disaster in the long run, it is our obligation to fix it. Having said that, we are happy to announce that ONLINE REGISTRATION has been fixed and is going live from 1pm today! We sincerely apologize for the delay but it was imperative for us to ensure that no issues arose at YOUR end - our loyal masqueraders.

In addition to online registration we are also opening registration for our CNz Loyalty Masqueraders today from 6pm - 10pm at The Sound Academy.

Loyalty Registration Begins at The Sound Academy Venue: Sound Academy 11 Polson Street Info: Carnival Nationz Registration begins today Tuesday April 24 at The Sound Academy Time: 6-10pm (Parking is complimentry in these hours ONLY) Deposit: Minimum $100 for backline; $200 for frontline - CASH ONLY
Bandleader Info/Contact: Marcus @ 416.565.4079 or Bryce @ 416.985.8488 or Dwayne @ 416.930.9650 or

Look out for CNz 2012 Improvements:
    1. Brand new online registration component setup via our website: – Online purchasing will be faster, customized and much more functional to handle the demand…
    1. If you are coming down to the mas camp to register, then we have bumped up the registration system capacity in an attempt to avoid any interruptions like the ones we encountered last year during pick-up.  We are aware that everyone’s time is precious and will try our best to ensure that registration is as fast and painless as possible.
    1. Look out as well in 2012 for our Lil’ Nationz Kiddies band launch, new road format, mas camp location, etc…
      Most of all… study then pick and choose your top 3 sections… organize your registration methodology (online vs mas camp)… then come join the CNz Empire for 2012…
“The world is full of Kings & Queens... that blind you eyes and steal your dreams… EMPIRES
  For more information: