Set your alarms for 6pm, Wednesday April 24 because that is when Carnival Nationz will be starting registration in house for loyalty masqueraders and also online registration.  The website is slated to go live tonight so you can view costume photos and prices before deciding which inhabitant of The Reef you want to be for Caribana 2013. Thankfully we can watch the 1080p videos from Carnival Nationz band launch while we wait for the website to go live and registration for The Reef to begin. Per Carnival Nationz:
CNz website will be fully launched TONIGHT will costume prices. Online Registration will also begin Wednesday at 6pm. Registration will take place at the CNz Mas Camp located at 116 Howden Rd in Scarborough on Wednesday April 24 @ 6pm for Loyalty Members!
  Toronto-Carnival-Caribana-Nationz-Band-Launch81 Toronto-Carnival-Caribana-Nationz-Band-Launch26 Toronto-Carnival-Caribana-Nationz-Band-Launch96 Toronto-Carnival-Caribana-Nationz-Band-Launch69 For more information Twitter: @CNzInc