ok… so what do we know so far?

1. the bake doesn’t stop at richard’s

2. you should say bake and shark and not shark and bake

3. try uncle sam’s

4. you can’t rate a bake and shark by the condiments

good job.  now let’s move on.

just recently i was telling a friend that trinbagonians don’t read road signs. we drive according to what we remember and/or what we know. maybe if we’re in a real jam we would take on a no entry or two, but it’s mostly from memory. it’s the same with food on maracas. seems like we don’t read menu boards either. and we say this because when the BITTT crew talks about the delights that we’re talking about in this entry, people are usually shocked. we guess trinbagonians switch on the auto pilot and just order what they know. “gih mih two bake an shark dey!”

enter asha’s. that’s the booth to the back of richard’s. yes, the one that you go to when you find richard’s has too much of a line. not us! we head directly there. lots to read.


not talking about the NO CATFISH ZONE sign. but it is reassuring to know that they at least addressed the concerns customers have about vendors trying to pass catfish off as shark.


even though they do have a wicked pepper sauce, it’s still not the reason we go there. they have all the essential sauces though.


including fresh lime. we haven’t seen this around that much on the beach. don’t know if it caught on as yet. but that sharp lime water is a very very nice touch for seafood. additional lime on your seafood kicks it up a notch. but still, that’s not the reason.


ok, enough dramatics. this is the reason. an extensive menu. as you can see here, you can use your links card, get your phone cards, get ice cream, the usual drinks and hot coffee etc…


but on further investigation you will discover things like chicken sandwiches, fries, hot dogs, wings, soya burgers, shrimp, salmon, flying fish, king fish alloo pies etc. this offers a lot of ways to flip the script. for example, a lot of people have never tried a bake and fried shrimp. never heard of it. well let me tell you, if you like shrimp and know how to dress it, it’s a nice alternative. then for my non-seafood posse in da house (big up yuh status, allyuh know allyuh self!) you have something other than KFC to munch on while the rest of us get our seafood fix.


but this is what we really want to talk about. yes, that’s what that alloo pie on the board refers to. a big potato pie stuffed with whatever meat or seafood you like and all the toppings you desire. now truth be told, we haven’t explored all the options on the menu yet, so we can’t endorse everything. but what we can tell you is we’re addicted to alloo pie and shark so much so that even when we come up on the beach with the intention of trying something else from the menu, we end up giving in to it.


same idea as a bake and shark… just with the added body and flavor of nicely seasoned potato. people even dress it the same way. everything and the kitchen sink style.  and as it is potato, it is quite satisfying. i’ve only heard a few people say they actually know this exists. everyone else just pick their jaws up from the ground and ask “where allyuh find dat?!” we read it on the sign like you’re supposed to!   it’s always puzzling to us because even though we get ours by asha’s (we like their clean station and their variety rocks) it’s all over the beach.


people are even more shocked when they hear about the alloo pie and shrimp. saying it in my head as i’m writing… it just sounds delicious. i treat it the same way. minimal toppings and relevant dressings. simple but effective. you can get really crazy here though. buy an extra portion of something else and mix your fillings. you can add cheese. it’s a whole different ball game. i guess that’s why we like it.


so that’s it for maracas. more than enough to keep you busy on the beach for a while. more importantly, it should be enough to get you off that one-tracked approach to getting food on maracas and into reading some more menus!


we’ll talk again soon, but in the meantime, don’t forget to check us out on the blogfacebook andyoutube… it won’t hurt to click like.