OK, I’m back from vacation so let’s continue where we left off! I know some of you have already booked your flights for Trinidad Carnival 2011. Hooray! For the rest, keep checking the fares till you see one that meets your budget. Onto Carnival bands… We are already into band launch season. In the past I’ve played in lots of bands Island People, Tribe, YUMA to name a few of the more popular ones. I can say honestly that I am not loyal to any one band. So how do I decide where to play? Well the band must be ALL INCLUSIVE, have good security, and most of all I have to fall in love with the costume. If the costume is fantastic enough I’ll even try a new band as was the case with YUMA for Carnival 2010. Bands that I will be keeping an eye on this year: Tribe, Bliss, YUMA, Island People and new comer Fantasy Carnival. Tribe launches on Saturday 23 July, which is this weekend. Triniscene will be doing a live feed on the night so sit back in ur PJ’s and take in the show. http://www.triniscene.com/tsv7/stream/ In the meantime check out Tribe’s teaser video for Carnival 2011