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Band Launch Seaon is in full swing!

Band Launch Seaon is in full swing!

OK, I’m back from vacation so let’s continue where we left off! I know some of you have already booked your flights for Trinidad Carnival 2011. Hooray! For the rest, keep checking the fares till you see one that meets your budget. Onto Carnival bands… We are already into band launch season. In the past(…)

Trinidad Carnival Costumes

To play or not to play? So I’ve been sitting here for a while trying to figure out how to accurately explain what it is like to play mas.  There are no words, but there are videos.  This is by far my favourite Trinidad Carnival video of all time.  After viewing this video, the question(…)

Trinidad Fare Watch Monday

So you’ve decided to go to Trinidad for Carnival 2012.  Faaaaaaaaaaantastic!  Take it from me, you won’t be disappointed.  The first step is to start looking at flights and book when you see a fare that you can afford.  Depending on where you are flying from and how late you wait to book, fares can(…)