As part of our chat, the ladies behind K2K Alliance and Partners took the time to answer reader questions.  So here are their responses to your questions, in their own words.

Kerryann asked: How do you feel about the great reception thus far?

 We are truly excited about the positive feedback. It made us realize that people are in search for something different.


Kerryann asked: Any thoughts on 2K13 as I would love to be a part of the experience (already registered elsewhere)….make it hott ladies!!!

In 2k13 the band is leaving the water and coming onto land. The designs are extremely edgy, even more chic and very different from the 2012 collection.  We think that all potential masqueraders are in for a huge surprise and will be excited about what we have in store. Actually we can’t wait for 2013.


Lesly asked:   Where did this amazing concept come from I was not sure if I wanted to do carnival but this officially has me looking for my ticket. I am amazed!!!!!

The theme is something that we think that everyone could relate to.  Generally speaking, it is a reflection of one’s life. It tells the story of the re-discovering of self. Man enters the world naive and through his experiences, man grows, overcomes conflict and ultimately, rediscovers himself and becomes who he is meant to be (i.e., Saraswati – which means essence of self)


Kerryann asked:   Since they launched a bit later than the more popular bands, have they already figured out their game plan when it comes to costume quality during the distribution period and service, service, service!!! We all know bad service can make or break a band!

 We are working with a very experienced team who are assisting us in quality control.


Latrell asked:  Based on the # of masqueraders that have already registered, do they anticipate K2K being less than or more than 1000 masqueraders for 2012? And what is the general ratio of males to females that have registered so far?

The band is in the medium category. The ratio of male to female would be similar to that of any other band.


Latrell asked:  I’d like to make a stronnnnng request of K2K for the years to come. Can u please launch presentations in the peak of the band launching season… in late July/ August of every year??

This year we wanted to launch the band when our journey started. We were born in the month of September and as such, we thought that this would be the most pertinent time for our carnival journey to begin. We understand the masquerader’s point of view in terms of launching in July or August and will take this into consideration for next year.


Latrell asked:  Will the final product’s quality and appearance be just like the prototypes or have the costumes been enhanced in any way in the professional pics for a “wow!” effect? 

They will look like the prototypes.


Mas Man asked:  Why do you think other designers have not dared to take such an approach to contemporary mas?

To be honest I am not quite sure. However, if “no one ever challenged the status quo everyone would think that the world was still flat”. Thus, we are trying to challenge the ordinary, think outside the box and offer the masquerader something different. Men like Peter Minshall & Wayne Berkely have set a very high bar in mas making. They have put our generation in the launch pad and it is up to us to take-off and take mas into another arena. We hope to be those faces to take carnival to a new level by mixing fashion with mas, and expressing mas as a contemporary art form.


Thanks again to Kathy and Karen Norman for taking time out of their busy day to answer our questions.

I’m still working on the writeup for our chat with K2k but hope to share that with you soon!

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